My Inspiration

I’ve learned a valuable life lesson over the past few weeks. My daughter’s kitten, Lucy, went into the vets to be spayed. This is considered major surgery with many possible complications. She came home late the same day with instructions to keep her quiet, no excessive jumping or climbing. She also had a cone collar on her head to prevent her from licking her incision.

Cat home from surgery.Well, no one seemed to have told her about what she wasn’t supposed to do. She had that cone off within 20 minutes of coming home and being let out of her crate. The bandage on her front leg, where the IV had been, was gone, and she never did slow down like I thought she would. I am sure that she knew something had happened and that she did feel pain but she had way too many things to do with the intention to have as much fun as she could!

The life lesson that I learned is that I should never get bogged down by my aches and pains and to push on through in spite of them. We can so often get distracted by the what ifs and I hurt too much to really enjoy what is happening in the now. Lucy’s zest for life is truly inspirational. She has been a bully to our older cats and a brat who never seems to pass on the opportunity to have fun. She has even had our overweight Maine Coon cross cat playing! She does drive me crazy but in the next moment, makes me laugh.

She has shown me that adversity is no reason to quit and that life is really great. I am truly grateful that she has come into our lives.

So my message is to go out and play today!

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